HOREX Caucasus - We offer our clients maintenance services

We offer our clients maintenance services



Gokhan Demir, Etna Membran, MGD Group

- At the HOREX Caucasus exhibition, we are presenting Etna Membran and the MGD Group. Our company offers tents, membranes and pergolas of different sizes and colours for catering enterprises, particularly restaurants and hotels. While implementing solutions based on the most advanced technologies, we use cloths from German brands such as MEHLER and VERSEIDAG, as well as fabrics from Italian brands such as Ferrari, CORTI and ACRILIC and engines from the French brand, SOMFY. We provide guarantees for all our products. MGD GROUP is the only company in its field that provides customers with maintenance services. Maintenance is a very important feature of this part of the market. We therefore rightfully consider this service to be an advantage of ours.

The purpose of our participation in the exhibition is to acquaint visitors with the products that we offer, as well as to find new markets. Due to an increase in visitor activity, we expect that the pavilions will be full to brimming on the final day of the exhibition!