HOREX Caucasus - Azerbaijani hotels earn AZN 136.6 mln in first half-year

Azerbaijani hotels earn AZN 136.6 mln in first half-year



In the first half of the year, hotels and hotel-type facilities in Azerbaijan accommodated 602,000 people or 1,081 people/night.

According to the State Statistics Committee of Azerbaijan, compared to the same period last year, the number of guests increased 42.9%, of which 68.4% are foreign citizens.

"According to the information provided, 58.2% of the guests were accommodated in hotels in Baku, 9.3% in Gabala, 5.8% in Gusar, 4.1% in Nakhchivan, 2.1% in Guba, 1.5% in Shamakhi, 1.4% in Khachmaz, 17.6% in other regional hotels of the country, " the report says.

The message says that the incomes of hotels from rendered services in the reporting period amounted to AZN 136.6 mln, which is 37.8% more than in the same period last year. Of these, 68.8% of revenues were generated through the sale of rooms, 21.4% through the sale of food and beverages, 9.8% from other services. AZN 97 mln was formed due to services rendered to foreign citizens. The cost of rendering services amounted to AZN 105.2 mln. The number of employees in this sphere was 9,770, which is 11.8% more than for the first half of last year, while nominal wages increased by 11.1% to AZN 579.3.