HOREX Caucasus - Our brand is pure air!

Our brand is pure air!



Khozin Rinat, Sales Manager, Yatagan

- Our factory is located in Moscow and is a manufacturer and developer of excellent equipment for air purification of the HoReCa segment, everything related to cooking, cafes, restaurants, etc. Clean air is our job!

The company has a wide model list of equipment. Today we demonstrate the hydrofilter “Yatagan Safe Life”, “Yatagan out”, the autonomous air cleaner “Yatagan recycle”, the apparatus for braziers and furnaces “Yatagan smoke”. These devices allow to equip public catering enterprises in any places, without any inconvenience to the public, that is, to eliminate unpleasant smells, smoke, sparks, etc. All devices work by electricity or water. It is convenient and economical. By the way, our machines can be used in mini-bakeries in residential buildings. We guarantee safety in the operation of our models, and this is the main thing that we want to attract people who are planning to open enterprises, working for the future.

This is our first participation at this exhibition in Baku; we are here to find regular partners, restaurateurs and hoteliers, and to tell them about the efficiency and reliability of the presented equipment. I think that the exhibition is the best opportunity for this.