HOREX Caucasus -  Our furniture sets are quite popular

 Our furniture sets are quite popular



Nusret Abdullaev, Director of Rattan Bag Mebelləri (Azerbaijan)

Our company has repeatedly participated in the international WorldFood Azerbaijan and Caspian Agro exhibitions, and each time we demonstrate new products; it indicates the continuous development of the company. Promising projects are popular with different segments of the population. Rattan Bag Mebelləri was created four years ago, the enterprise’s portfolio includes several operating production facilities in Baku and in various regions of Azerbaijan.

Our furniture, made from synthetic materials based on local raw materials, is always in demand, because it is durable, of high quality and has original design. We try to meet the requirements of the market; we monitor and study the possibilities of using new materials for furniture production.

 The exhibitions opened on May 15 are well organised, and are both large-scale and impressive with rich expositions. Therefore, such a positive assessment of the exhibition gives us confidence that we will find new partners here. We have scheduled a series of meetings with potential partners.

We have established a partial export of our products to the Russian Federation, and it is possible that the exhibition will help find new buyers abroad.